Help using World data plugin in Amibroker

Step 1: Download file World.dll and copy into Plugins folder in Amibroker (normally at C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\Plugins)
If you use Amibroker 64bit then download file World64.dll and copy into Plugins folder in Amibroker (normally at C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Plugins)
This plugin only work with Amibroker version 5.5 and above and if your PC is Win7 you need to install .NET Framework 4.5

Step 2: Open new database (from File=>New=>Database...) and set parameters like the image below for intraday chart, here we create database name M2.
If you cannot see World Data Plug-in in Data source, then you need to close and re-open Amibroker so that Amibroker can detect it.

man hinh database

Step 3: Click “Configure” button, enter your username and password then click “Get Stock List” to get all stock symbols.
If you not have account yet, you can click Register to register one account and get trial 10 days to use our plugin.

man hinh config
Then click OK in Database setting window to finish setup our Database.

You will see list of stock exchanges inside folder Markets, pick the one you want.
For example, I pick Singapore stock exchange, then the list of stock symbol under Singapore exchange will display under it.
If you cannot see this tab, you can open it from Window=>Symbols

man hinh ami

Step 4: Choose the symbol you want to view stock chart. For example, C6L for Singapore Airlines Ltd

man hinh intraday
If in time frame 1min you not see volume, you can change database to use time frame 5 min as shown below

man hinh intraday 5min
In this setting, you can view EOD data for few days only, to view 10 year historical EOD chart, you can go back to “Database setting” from File => Database setting
Change Base time interval to End-Of-Day
man hinh config eod
Then now the chart will auto load EOD chart with up to 10 year historical data.

man hinh eod

List supported Stock exchanges

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